Tips On Sending Out Wedding Invitations

You are happily into setting up your wedding and have lastly chosen on the design of your wedding invitation. The words have been selected and the guest list is well on its way to finishing point. Here are some extra wedding invitation guidelines and suggestions that you should also be conscious of.

* In case children are also going to figure as guests, consider the option of writing their names individually on top of the addressed envelopes. You can also write “and family”. See the following instance:

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Blatt, Cindy and Will
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Blatt and Family

* If the children are grown-up teenagers say around 16 years of age or older, you may choose to send them an individual invite, just like you would an adult.

* If you do not wish to take in children at the service, do not write their names or “and family” on the outer surface of the envelope. It is recommended that you write “Sorry, but children are not invited”, “adults only” or somewhat alike someplace on the invite to make it obvious. If you wish to take in them at the function, but not at the service, you could make a note of this information on the response card or on the invitation itself at the underside in some style.

* When issuing an invite to a guest who is single, it is courteous to put “and Guest” on the envelope’s outer surface so they can have the alternative of bringing along an accompanying person. For example:

Mr. Stuart Black and Guest
Miss Mary Jones and Guest

* Put yourself on alert. More often than not 7-10 percent of the guests that act in response affirmatively will not in fact be present at the wedding. In addition, 20% to 30% will not make it to the function. This can cause chaos when making a budget for a sit down dinner. You may want to think about a buffet style dinner in its place.

* In some cases, you will want to ask people to the service, but not the function or vice versa. If so, then you will require two sets of invites printed. One that consists of reception information and one that does not.

* If you do not obtain an answer from a number of guests by your reply date, do not waver to call them. It is essential that you know how many will be present so you can budget in view of that.

* If you choose to order invites, be certain to do so at least 4 to 6 weeks ahead of the day they are planned to be mailed. If you choose on mailing your invites around the 15th of March, order them sometime in the middle of February 1st and 15th.

* Double, or even triple check the whole thing before it gets printed. This consists of wedding programs, response cards, envelopes, invitations, etc, whether you mean to do them all by yourself or you are having them printed professionally. Check for spelling mistakes in particular.

* At all times order spare response card envelopes and invitation envelopes. Without doubt, there will be a few errors when addressing these and you will want to have a few additional ones on hand.

* You should mail your invites at least 6 weeks ahead of the wedding date and point out that you would like a reply at least 3 weeks ahead of the wedding date. So if your wedding date is July 1st, mail your invites by May 15th and ask that they reply by June 7th. This will give guests time to get their invitations and answer back by mail, which in turn, gives you the scope to settle on seating arrangements, catering plans, etc.

* If your wedding is going to be in reality held on a beach or other outdoor area, be certain that you let your guests be acquainted with this, so that they can dress suitably.

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